“ It's estimated that the amount of Christmas waste we've all produced would fill Big Ben 1,500 times.” Most of them were packaging ,especially toys’ packaging becomes a problem needs to be solved. 


The re-designed packaging uses 100% cardboard. The holes that I created not only secure the toys through transportation but also allow customers to see what inside. Packaging becomes a waste because people always throw them away. Therefore, I cut a window on the cardboard belt which allows people to put message or address inside as a gift without the problem of stickers and can be reused. 


In order to share the toy to the right person, I create a website called Toy Tale. Children or anyone who wants a toy but can not afford it can register online. Inside each toy, there is a fairytale according to the character of toy which encourage children to share their love and send to others. One child got a toy which means 5 others can also experience the toy and increase the happiness.